Innovation in Online Solutions

In the current day marketplace, having an online presence is almost a prerequisite but that is not the only thing that gives your business the visibility it needs. Your website also needs to have effective Web Hosting working for it in the background. The manner in which your site gets seen on the Internet, depends on how effective Website hosting services in Queensland are. ComX Design has been providing the most affordable website hosting packages in Sydney and in other states.

Our Hosting Services

We offer you customized online solutions that provide you the opportunity to reach a wider audience. We have highly-talented and skilled hosting professionals on board our team and are able to provide web developers, web designers as well as small businesses with innovative Ecommerce hosting packages in Sydney; we specialize in:

  • • Server reliability
  • • MySQL hosting
  • • WordPress hosting
  • • PHP hosting
  • • Email accounts
  • • Script hosting
  • • Development servers

Website servers are essentially very complex tools and this means they have to be managed in a very effective way. We manage, maintain & upgrade your servers as required and handle all the security implications and software requirements. What’s also important is that your website has the right bandwidth and speed it needs and we ensure that all these aspects are in place too.

Customized Solutions

Every one of our online solutions is completely customized to match your requirements and we handle projects of varying scales. As part of our affordable website hosting packages in Sydney, we:

  • • Handle refreshing of these systems
  • • Handle all hosting issues- This takes the stress off your company’s in-house IT team
  • • Offer complete & simplified solutions
  • • Offer solutions for start-ups and well as small businesses
  • • Handle all hardware & software issues

A Specialized Job

We use the latest technology and our data centres are specifically-designed to handle the most complex web hosting requirements and provide the best website hosting packages in Queensland. We handle the smallest details of creating & registering the domain name for your business site and offer comprehensive hosting services.

This is an extremely specialized job & it is important to have one of the best Web hosting companies in Sydney handling the task for you. Our customised solutions are literally a boon for businesses across the region. For the most affordable website hosting packages Queensland and Sydney, contact ComX Design on 07 5660 6519 or via this online form.

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