Mobile Application Development

ComX Design is a bright mobile app development company. We offer application development in iPhone, Android, IPad, and Windows with latest technologies like Xamarin, Phone Gap, Android platform etc. . . . ComX Design can help you create an exceptional and innovative custom mobile application that is as per your requirements and help you grow the business. Our solution helps you being visible globally and connects with client in a mobile friendly environment. We provide unique features like security, flexibility, scalable and customizable design which you expand your client base and expand your business making you reachable each and every individual with a smart phone.

Our experience and continuous learning results in apps that are innovative, original, efficient and custom built to meet all client specifications. We help organizations and individuals make significant growth in the mobile territory.

We provide full spectrum Mobile Application Development from initial design and architecture to development and integration into existing systems and finally deployment on the app stores.

Mobile application development builds a strong development area for new and enhanced functionality with the improved performance of smartphones. The most popular Smartphones are the iPhone, Android and Windows, possessing strengths that suits individual business and personal needs.

We are aware that the business requirements differ significantly which yields a need for customized mobile applications development to create value-added applications tailored exactly to your specific business requirements. This help in getting enhanced functionality, efficiency and value addition.

We are not just vendors but advisors. We work with your organization from conceptualizing the App idea, understanding the business requirement to development to App Maintenance. Whether we partner with a start-up or an Enterprise, our development approach along with our Global Agile Team helps us deliver great solutions just for you.

Android App Development

We develop both Consumer and Business Apps on the most widely Android Platform that is Android.

JavaScript App Development

We develop Mobile Apps with pure JavaScript that are responsive for all types of devices and web browsers.

iOS App Development

We design and develop iOS Mobile apps from idea to a solution for both consumer and enterprise use.

Mobile Website Development

Using JQuery Mobile, HTML5, JS, Phone and many more such tools, we code your website for mobile use which help you reach your users in cost effective solution.

Xamarin App Development

Our Xamarin developers develop apps on Xamarin once and you can run it everywhere. Helping you to be within budget.

Mobile App Testing

Our testing framework for cloud-based testing of mobile application makes your application ready to go for the real-world.

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